10 Secrets of Professional Makeup

10 Secrets of Professional Makeup
10 Secrets of Professional Makeup

Women are always inspired by the adorable look of the top celebrities. Why do the celebrities look more beautiful as compared to the common women? The reason behind this difference lies in the professional makeup secrets. Want to get the image of your favorite celebrity? In this post, we have rounded up the 10 Secrets of Professional Makeup right from the makeup professionals. For having a perfect look, these are the top professional makeup rules and the secrets that you must keep in your mind. So, now let’s have a look at these professional makeup rules.

Moisturizer And Foundation Mix

We contacted the top makeup artists and found a very surprising makeup secret. Do you face difficulty in applying foundation? Most of us just fail in the uniform application of foundation and there are visible lines and the foundation spots on our face all over. This problem is more common among the women with dry skin especially. How do the professionals handle this issue? The makeup artists go for using a mix of foundation and a moisturizer for creating an even skin tone. Another thing that professionals do is mixing a little amount of loose powder in the foundation.

Mixing Foundation With Eyeshadow

Do you see radiance on the face of the celebrities? Perhaps you have seen that the celebrities have a glowing and a radiant face. On the other hand, when we wear makeup, we do not see the same brightness on our face. Why do we fail to create radiance on our face? Here is another top makeup secret and that is mixing a little amount of shimmery eye shadow like golden with your foundation. This is the makeup rule every makeup professional follows. So, for a sparkling look, do not forget to mix sparkly eye shades with the foundation and then go for preparing your face with the foundation.

Perfect Complexion Products

Next we come to the use of complexion products like concealer and the foundation. How do you choose the complexion products? The most common makeup rule every one of you follows here is to check the shade of these products on the back of your hands. This makeup rule is accepted everywhere. But, in spite of choosing these complexion products following the accepted rule, we fail to have a uniform look. On the other hand, makeup professional follow another rule. They always advise choosing these complexion products by testing these products on the inside of your arm.

Instant Face Lift Makeup

Another thing that attracts every one of us is that after wearing makeup, the old celebrities also look too young. On the other hand, we remain unable in hiding the wrinkles and the fine lines on our face even after wearing many layers of the makeup. How do the professionals hide the wrinkles and the fine lines? Another professional makeup secret here is to use an egg white mask always before wearing makeup for any special occasion. The use of this mask before makeup helps us in tightening our skin and we get a youthful look as a result.

Make Makeup Stay Longer

Do you know that how you can make your makeup stay longer? This is the question that always arises in the minds of every one of us. Makeup done by the professionals stays fresh even after many hours. How do the professional create a long lasting makeup look? The best makeup secret here is to apply powder after the application of face primer. After this apply the foundation on your face. This is the best makeup trick for locking in your makeup.

Apply Foundation With Beauty Blender

How do you apply the foundation? Most of us make use of makeup brushes for applying the foundation. The use of fingertips is also common among the women for the foundation application? How do the professionals apply foundation? The top makeup artists always use the beauty blender for the foundation application. For a flawless foundation application, make sure that you always use a damp blender.

How To Hide Hair On Face

If you do not like facial waxing and there are hair covering your entire face, you can use makeup for hiding the hair on your face. You will never see visible hair on the faces of the celebrities. For hiding the hair on the face, the top makeup secret is here right from the professionals. After wearing makeup, take a brush and run it along your face moving from the forehead towards your chin. This way, you will be able to hide the baby hair on your face.

The Right Concealer

Even after using the best concealer, we see the visible dark circles on our face. For a flawless makeup application, you must know a little about the color theory. According to the color theory, the opposite colors always cancel the effect of each other. Professionals always choose the right makeup colors according to your eye color, skin undertone and hair color. So, in this regard, for hiding a pimple in red color; you must go for a concealer in green as these two colors cancel each other according to color theory.

Long Lasting Lipstick

How to make your lipstick last longer? The makeup secret here by the professional is the application of the lipstick in layers that make a lipstick last for a longer time. Before applying lipstick, always apply nude lip liner to your lips. After this, go for the lipstick application. After this, apply loose powder to the layer of the lipstick applied in the step above. Set and blot the lip color by pressing your lips against a tissue paper. In the end, apply another layer of your favorite lipstick and make your lipstick last for a longer time.

How To Get A Natural Look

For getting a natural look, here is a top makeup secret about the cheek makeup. When do you apply the blush? Usually, after wearing concealer, primer, foundation and everything else in makeup, we go for wearing makeup on our cheeks. For getting a natural glow on your face, makeup artists always recommend applying the blush prior to the application of the foundation. Apply the blush and then go for the foundation application. The makeup secret will make you look all natural.