10 Super Easy Updo Hairstyles Tutorials

Super Easy Updo Hairstyles Tutorials
Super Easy Updo Hairstyles Tutorials

With a beautiful hairstyle, you can make you look more beautiful. For a pretty look, you always need a pretty hairstyle with pretty outfits. However; hair styling is a time taking process. And we do not like to invest many hours in styling our hair. If you want to look stylish, but do not want to spend many hours in hair styling; there are the super easy yet stylish hairstyles that you may try. Here, we have rounded up 10 Super Easy Updo Hairstyles Tutorials for you.

Quick Twist Updo

Want to style your hair in a minute only? Here is the easiest hairstyle tutorial for you. For getting this super easy hairstyle when you do not have enough time for styling your long hair, start by parting your hair from the center. Take out a thick section of hair from each side. Next, keep on twisting each of these hair sections separated above till you reach your neck. Secure the hair sections here using bobby pins. Next, style a low ponytail and then twist the hair in the shape of a low bun and get the hairstyle. You may also like, Perfect Ponytails Everytime

Inverted Bun Hairstyle

Bun hairstyles are the super easy hairstyles. With some hair styling twists, you can add more style to the simple bun hairstyles. Here is another stylish yet simple bun hairstyle, inverted bun hairstyle. For getting this simple yet stylish bun hairstyle, first style a high ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. Next, separate the ponytail into two sections creating a hold without taking out the hair tie. Pass the ponytail through this hole for two to three times. In the end, make a low bun by securing the hair ends with a hair clip above the hair tie.

Easy Headband Updo

Here is another super easy hairstyle. The hairstyle is just perfect for the modish ladies with medium-length hair. Easy headband updo hairstyle can be styled in two minutes only. For getting this chic and easy updo hairstyle, wear a headband at first after you have side-parted or center parted your hair. Next, keep on twisting hair on each side around the headband. For a stylish look, first twist a 2-inch hair section around the headband from each side. After this, make a low bun by twisting the rest of the hair around the headband and get the hairstyle.

Gibson Tuck Tutorial

Here is another super easy and classic updo hairstyle tutorial for you. The hairstyle is just awesome for the medium-length sleek and thick hair. Gibson Tuck hairstyle can also be styled in less than 5 minutes. For getting this super easy updo hairstyle, first of all, make a low ponytail. Make a hole at the base of your neck in your hair using your fingers and pass the ponytail through this hole. After this, take the ponytail end and fold your hair outward. In the end, secure the hair end with a hair clip and get the hairstyle.

Knotted Bun Hairstyle

Next hairstyle is the knotted bun hairstyle. It is also going be a great trendy hairstyle this year. The trendy hairstyle has a number of variations and it can be styled in any way you like. You may go for the low knotted bun. Another hairstyle is the high knotted bun. For getting the trendy hairstyle, make a high or a low ponytail. Next, pass the ponytail through the hair tie leaving about 1-2 inch part of it on the head. This way you will form a knot. Next, twist the rest of the hair around the hair knot and get the hairstyle.

Messy High Bun Updo

Here is a sexy and also the easiest hairstyle tutorial for the women. Messy hairstyles are so powerful that these bring an instant style to your look. For getting the messy high bun updo hairstyle, first make a high ponytail. After that, divide the ponytail into four equal sections right, left, upper and lower sections similar to the four directions. Take each of these hair sections one by one and keep on rolling it loosely. Secure the end of each hair section around the hair tie you used for securing the ponytail. Create a messy look in the end with your fingers and get the style.

Loose Curl Updo

If you have beautiful hair with strong curls, you can easily style a beautiful hairstyle. Indeed, curly hair look good in any hairstyle. For getting a stylish sexy looking loose curl updo, make a high ponytail hairstyle at first. Next, make a number of sections of the ponytail, fold and secure each hair section around the ponytail. This way you will get a sexy loose curl updo in a few minutes only. Leave some loose curls on the front and look really alluring.

Easy Braided Updo Tutorial

Do you like to style your hair in simple yet stylish braided hairstyles? A braid updo can also be styled in too many ways according to the level of your hair styling skills and your style taste. For getting a stylish braided updo hairstyle, part your hair from the side. Braid a 2-inch hair section on one side. Take front bangs out for a stylish look. Make a low ponytail and put a large sized thick rubber band over the rubber band you used for securing the ponytail. Wrap your hair around the thick hair band and make a low bun. Wrap the braid over the bun and get the wonderful hairstyle.

Double Ponytail Updo

Here is a simplest updo hairstyle tutorial for you medium-length hair. The hairstyle can be styled in 5 minutes only, but it looks really super stylish. For making this stylish hairstyle, make a double ponytail hairstyle first of all. For completing the hairstyle, first divide the above ponytail into five or six equal sections and style them around the ponytail creating the shape of a flower. Do the same with the other ponytail. Get a sparkly hair clip and style it in the middle of the hairstyle for getting a perfect hairstyle giving the look of a flower.

Side Braid Updo

Hairstyles with a side braid are the easiest and also the most stylish hairstyle to try for any occasion and for any length of the hair. For getting a side braid updo in 5 minutes only, part your hair from the center. Take a hair section out from each side and start twisting each hair section. After this, style a low knotted bun and wrap the two braided hair sections over the bun and get the beautiful hairstyle.