12 Most Awesome Works Of Lip Art

12 Most Awesome Works Of Lip Art
12 Most Awesome Works Of Lip Art

It is not easy to have a look with tons of makeup on the face always. Therefore; we can see a big trend of no makeup look. And especially, we hardly find time for preparing our face with makeup because of our busy routine and that is why, no makeup look also remains our top choice. However; if you have time, you must make use of your makeup skills. Just like the nail art, lip art is getting popular these days. Just like your nails, you can also prepare your lips with creative skills. In this piece of writing, we are going to show you the 12 most amazing lip arts. Have a look at these amazing lip arts and get an inspiration from these images and get ready for making use of your creative makeup stills too.

Glue Rhinestones Lips

Rhinestones have always been used in designing the jewelry pieces. We also see an increasing use of these sparkly rhinestones in nail arts. Now, after the rhinestone nails, we have rhinestone lips. What about decorating your lips with rhinestones? The nail art is quite simple and you will just have to fix the rhinestones of your own choice on your lips, but it makes your lips look really flawless. Instead of wearing black lipstick, try black rhinestone lips and look fabulous.

Beautiful Like A Rainbow

Want to make your lips look colorful like a rainbow? Here is an awesome and colorful lip art perfect for the spring season. This lip art is named as the rainbow lip art. Get the lipsticks in rainbow colors and apply each of these lipsticks in a creative way. Sparkly lipsticks in rainbow colors will make your lips full of life.

Black Cat Lips

Here is a funny and also a horrible lip art and that is the black cat lip art. You can create black cat lips in numerous ways. However; the easiest trick for getting black cat lips is to go for painting your lips with a black lip color. Get the golden studs and use these studs for making the cat eyes shape on your lips. Changing your facial expressions, you can get different looks in the cat lips art.

Puzzle Pieces Art

Do you love the puzzle games? For the lovers of puzzle games, here is the puzzle pieces lip art. For getting lips in the shape of puzzle pieces, get bright lip colors like red, yellow, green and blue. Using these colorful lip colors, design puzzle pieces on the lips. The wonderful idea is to try this puzzle pieces lip art in rainbow colors.

Floral Lips

We see everywhere a big trend of floral lips. So, if you do not have a floral print outfit in your wardrobe, do not worry. You may look floral with the awesome floral lip art. Apply lipstick on your lips in any soft color. Get the floral studs and fix them on your lips and have beautiful floral lips. A wonderful idea here is to use rhinestones for lining your lips.

Checkered Lips

Checkered shirts always remain in vogue. And after the big trend of checkered outfits and checkered nails, here is an awesome checkered lip art. For getting checkered lips, the awesome idea is to get black and white lip paint. With soft hands, design the checkered print on your lips and enjoy the checkered lips. You may go for the lip paints in any color according to your own choice for getting beautiful checkered lips.

Leopard Lips

Animal prints nail art became too much popular. Similar to the animal print nail art, there is another awesome animal print lips art. Animal print lips art is also quite easy. And especially leopard lips can be designed easily. An awesome idea here is to get nail paints in the black and golden color. Apply golden lip paint on all over your lips and then draw the black circles with black lip paint and get leopard lips.

Panda Lip Art

Panda lip art is the cutest and also the easiest lips art. For getting cute panda lips, get lip paints in black and white color. First of all, apply white lip paint on all over your lips. After this, design the nose and the eyes of the panda with black lip paint. Go for designing the ears of the panda around the cupid bow and get the beautiful panda lips.

Cartoon Lip Art

Cartoon lip art is also an amazing lip art. In this lip art, you will have to draw a cartoon shape on your lips. An awesome idea here is to draw the face of the cartoon on the cupid bow. And draw the cartoon hands and the legs on the chin area. Your lips designed in a funky lip color will be presenting the cartoon lips.

Eyeball Lip Art

This is just an unbelievable lip art. It looks so real. Here, you design the shape of an eye on your lips so that it looks that there is an eye on your lips. For getting eyeball lips, wear white lip paint. After this design the eyelashes with black lip color. After this design the eye shape in the middle of the lips with half eye shape on upper and half eye shape on the lower lip.

Sugar Lips

Another awesome lip art is the sugar lip art. The lip art is similar to the rhinestones lips art. If you do not have studs or the rhinestones available, you may use sugar for designing your lips. For getting sugar lips, wear lipstick in any color. After this fix the sugar particles on your lips with a lip gloss and get the sugar lips.

Spider Lips

Spider lip art is the most awesome lip art. You need to practice a little before designing a spider shape on your lips. For getting spider lips, black lip color would be perfect. For getting the most awesome spider lips, wear gray lipstick. After this, design a spider image in the middle of your lips with black eyeliner and get the spider lips.

For showing off your creative skills, you can use anything as a canvas. With the emergence of the amazing lip art trend, it is the time to show off your creative makeup skills on your face and lips. With lip paints, you can portray different images, i.e. cartoons and animal images on your lips. Similarly; you may also make use of embellishments like pearls, beads and studs here. So, are you ready now to try your skills on your lips?