25 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners
Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Eye makeup is the part of makeup that plays a vital role in your looks and style. There are various steps of the eye makeup that are to be taken care about. Most of the beginners do not know how to do the eye makeup perfectly. So, that is why we have made up this guide that has 25 tips and tricks for the eye makeup to make it flawless and perfect. Just scroll down to get the

25 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners and follow them!

01. Before applying the eye makeup, you must have to remove the dirt and makeup residues from your eyes with the help of makeup remover. The area around your eyes should be clean before to strat the eye makeup.

02. Apply the primer on the eyes before applying the makeup on eyes. It would serve as a base of the eye makeup.

03. Choose the type of eye makeup before to get started. Type of the eye makeup should be according to the occasion and dressing.

04. Apply the concealer around the eyes, ti would hide the eye bags and the dark circles around your eyes and your makeup will look perfect!

05. Choose the eyeliner, you can apply the line easily with. Like gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner are the types. Choose the eyeliner that makes you comfortable with.

06. Apply the eyeliner just near the lashline, it should be coincided with the lashline and no gaps should be present the eyeliner and your lashline.

07. Apply the eyeliner according to the type of eye makeup like cat eye makeup, smokey eye makeup and the winged eyeliner makeup.

08. Apply the mascara on the upper lashes as well as the lower ones to make the eyes look bigger. Slide the mascara brush on the lashes starting from the roots to the ends and apply multiple coats to give the eyes more volume!

09. Avoid the skin of the eyes to get touched with the mascara brush else it would give you the spoiled eye makeup around your eyes, so be careful!

10. If you want to get the bigger eyes look, apply the white pencil inside the eye, on the wet line of the eyes. It would make an illusion of bigger eyes.

11. Fake lashes give the eye make up a volume and attraction. So, apply the fake lashes on your lashline when you are opting for the dramatic eye makeup looks or the bigger eye looks. It would help you a lot in this context!

12. Curl your lashes with the eyelash curler in order to get the beautiful looks of the lashes. Then apply mascara on the lashes.

13. If your lashes are not being curled perfectly, heat up the curler with the hot wind of the blow dryer and then curl your lashes perfectly.

14. You can use a spoon while applying the mascara on your eyelashes in order to prevent the mascara touch to the skin of the eyes.

15. Apply eyeshadow on the eyelids beautifully that should be well-blended. If you do not blend the eyeshadows perfectly, your eye makeup looks dull and rough! So, be careful.

16. Apply the highlighter under the eyes and under the eyebrows on the brow bone to highlight the areas. The dark circles and the eye bags will be masked with the highlighter.

17. If you are doing the smokey eyes makeup, smudge the eyeshadow color on the eyelids perfectly to get the perfect and classy look of the smokey eyes!

18. Apply the black or brown eyebrow pencil on the eyebrows to shape the eyebrows like an arch. It will enhance your eye makeup looks a lot.

19. If you are making the smokey eyes, you will have to apply a thick eyeliner line on the upper lash line and smudge it with the black eyeshadow upwards. But do not exceed crease of the eyes. It will make you an attractive girl in this way!

20. Apply the black eye pencil under the eyes, on the lower lashline and then smudge it to give a blended way of the color. It will help you get the bigger eyes!

21. Choose the eye makeup brushes of god quality that have soft bristles and the brushes should be clean. As the dirty makeup brushes are mostly the cause of the acne breakouts, so be careful in this context.

22. If you are going to apply the darker shade of the lipsticks, apply the lighter shades of the eye makeup. With dark lip makeup, the eye makeup should be soft, natural and blended well. It will enhance your beauty.

23. If you are applying the lighter lip makeup shades like pinks, peach, orange and skin color, you will have to apply the smokey eye makeup or the darker shades of the eye makeup on your eyes. As it will make your makeup more attractive, prominent and gorgeous! So, be careful while contrasting the eye makeup and the lip makeup!

24. If you have dry skin, apply the moisturizer on the area around your eyes to make it soft and moisturized. Then apply the eye makeup. Hence, the eye makeup will be blended well and the moisturized skin of the eyes will carry the makeup beautifully to give a classy look. So, must do this step in case you have the dry skin. It will also make you protected to get fine lines and the wrinkles!

25. Be confident with your eye makeup always! If you are doing makeup by yourself, you must need the confidence element to look beautiful as if you lose your confidence, the eye makeup of yours spoils down. So, whatever the eye makeup type you have applied, be confident because you, yourself have made it possible to do the eye makeup like a pro!

So, that are the top 25 tips and tricks that are going to make your eyes more beautiful and bigger. Follow this guide carefully and have the stunning and mind-blowing kind of eye makeup by you own!