28 Prettiest Wedding Hairstyles

28 Prettiest Wedding Hairstyles
28 Prettiest Wedding Hairstyles

Are you looking for the prettiest hairstyles for your wedding day? For making the bridal look, wedding hairstyles are equally important as the wedding dresses. There are infinite numbers of wedding hairstyles that can rock on your look on your big day. In this post,  28 Prettiest Wedding Hairstyles we have rounded up the 28 Prettiest Wedding hairstyles for your wedding day that will really make you look prettiest.

28 Prettiest Wedding Hairstyles Wavy Wedding Hair

Brides with straight and sleek hair are really lucky as they are free to style their beautiful hair in any hairstyle. For sleek and straight hair, wavy wedding hairstyle is the prettiest hairstyle. Just create a wavy look of your hair with a curling iron and get the look.

Half Up Wavy Wedding Hair

For the prettiest look, next wedding hairstyle you may try if you have straight and sleek shoulder-length hair is the half-up wavy wedding hairstyle. Straight locks over the shoulders look really pretty. A brooch will add more beauty to this wedding hairstyle.

Glamorous Hair Bun

If you want to look pretty as well as formal on the day of your wedding, this is the hairstyle for you. A low sleek bun looks really attractive. For more attraction, do not forget to style the low bun with a pearl headpiece.

Loose Braided Updo

Next we have the prettiest loose braided updo. The hairstyle will make you look formal as well as gorgeous on your wedding day. If you have smooth, silky hair, do not forget to try this style.

Side Swept Chignon Wedding

For weddings if you have sleek and straight hair, it is a great idea to try a side swept chignon hairstyle. You can better complement your look in the sweet hairstyle with a luminous makeup.

Loose Swept Back Updo

If you are going to wear a cut-out dress on your big day, this is the hairstyle you must try. The twisted loose swept back updo will frame your facial features in an amazing way for making you look prettiest.

Braided Crown Wedding Hair

Next adorable hairstyle for your wedding day for an adorable look is the braided crown hairstyle. Go for the partial braided crown with loose wavy hair and look really adorable.

Tight Curls Updo

Hairstyles with tight curls are no doubt the most beautiful hairstyles for a fascinating bridal look. If you have naturally curly hair, this is the hairstyle for your wedding day. Try a low messy tight curls updo and look charming.

Wedding Hair With Headband

If you want to show the beauty of your long hair on your big day, this is a hairstyle that you can try. Just keep the hair loose and wear a headband of your own choice and get the look.

Twisted Knot Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle for an attractive look on the day of wedding. Just pull back the front hair while combing in a loose way. Style a low twisted knot bun and look full of attraction.

Pinned Back Hair

This is the hairstyle for the brides with square face shapes. Pinned back hairstyle can bring instant beauty to your bridal look. Show off your wavy or curly hair with this pretty hairstyle and look pretty.

Vintage Style Wedding Hair

For getting a pretty classic look, style a loose, low bun. Do add a few waves on the front for a beautiful bridal look. Get a sparkling brooch with a vintage look and look really classic and stunning.

Side Parted Hair

Want to show off your beautiful hair and sparkling diamond earrings? Open side parted hairstyle is the most polished hairstyle for the brides. Do tuck the hair behind your ears and look captivating.

Center Parted Ponytail

A ponytail hairstyle can always make you look pretty. If you love ponytail hairstyles, a wonderful hair styling idea for your big day is to try a low ponytail hairstyle with center-parted hair.

Wedding Side Ponytail

For sleek bridal look, the side ponytail hairstyle is another worthy hairstyle to try. Style the ponytail with a large floral clip with center-parted hair and with bangs on the front and look beyond adorable.

Messy Side Bun With Flower

Another hairstyle for a fetching bridal look is the messy side bun with a flower. The hairstyle is really nice-looking. Do get the fresh flowers in white and fill in your wedding hairstyle with beauty.

French Braided Side Ponytail

Braided hairstyles just make brides look really gorgeous and full of attraction. If you want to look really outstanding on your big day, try a French braided side ponytail hairstyle.

Waterfall Braid Long Hair

For the brides with long curly hair, this is indeed a gorgeous hairstyle to try. Style a side waterfall braid taking a thin hair section along the hairline and let your curls falling over the shoulders.

Wedding Hair Ponytail

This is another pretty hairstyle for the brides who really love the ponytail hairstyles. Pull your sleek hair back and style a high ponytail. The hairstyle is just awesome for all brides with any hair type.

Long Side Braid Wedding

Next wedding hairstyle to try for an astonishing bridal look that is also a classic hairstyle is the long side braid hairstyle. Do not forget to style the hairstyle with fresh flowers.

Messy High Bun Wedding

High messy bun hairstyles are the hairstyles really suitable for the brides. If you have thin wavy hair, just style a high messy low and complete the style with a big fresh white flower.

Curled Updo Wedding

You will really fall in love with this fascinating wedding hairstyle. Just style thin braids and then shape the braids and rest of the hair in the form of an updo and get the hairstyle.

Fishtail Braid With Headband

A loose fishtail braid hairstyle is just a flawless hairstyle for the weddings. Next adorable hairstyle idea for you is to try a loose side fishtail braid with a puffed crown and a pearl headband.

French Fishtail Braids

This is the right wedding hairstyle for the prettiest bridal look. French braid a thin hair section from the front and secure the rest of the hair in the form of a long side fishtail braid.

Fishtail Braid Bun

Next fetching hair styling idea for your wedding day is to try a fishtail braid low messy bun. Style a side fishtail braid along the hairline and then secure the hair into a messy bun. Do wear some hair pieces.

Bouffant Wedding Hair

Bouffant hairstyles are also the prettiest hairstyles for the brides. Try a bouffant hairstyle with a pearl crown and front bangs and get the splendid bridal look.

Loose Curls Wedding Hair

If you have perfect curly hair, you are lucky enough. With simple loose curls over the shoulders, you can really rock your pretty bridal look. Loose curls with bangs will make you look more elegant.

Low Bun With Headband

For a relaxed and perfect bridal look, this is the hairstyle for you. A sleek or messy side low bun will indeed make you look gorgeous. Do wear a floral headband and rock on your look.