5 Simple Makeup Tips When You are Over 40

5 Simple Makeup Tips When You are Over 40

How do the celebrities always look young? We always see a special glow on the faces of the celebrities. Why do the celebrities always look fresh and young? The secret lies in the makeup. Makeup is the most powerful and also the useful thing for the women. Make done in the right way can instantly change our whole look and can make us look many years younger. In this piece of writing, we are going to disclose the makeup tips for you when you are over 40. Have a look at these 5 Simple Makeup Tips When You are Over 40 and look young even in your 40s.

If you are over 40, it does not mean that you can’t look beautiful. With the right makeup tips, you can easily hide the signs of aging. There are a lot of makeup tricks regarding eye makeup, lip makeup, cheek makeup and many more. However; here we will simply share with you the 5 simplest makeup tips for a graceful look when you are over 40. Other than the makeup, you also need to make some changes in your lifestyle as our increasing age demands changes in the lifestyle. Let’s have a look at basic makeup tips for women over 40.

Young Looking Skin

Foundation is a must-have makeup item. We all use foundation in makeup. Indeed, it seems to be impossible to get a complete makeup look without the application of makeup foundation. And especially, when you are over 40, you need more foundation for concealing the wrinkles and the fine lines that appear on your face with increasing age.

With increasing age, our skin tends to become thin. With the best foundation, we can give our thin skin a fuller and a thick look. Also, the use of foundation can add color to your skin. Also, with increasing age, our skin tends to become drier. And for solving this issue, liquid foundation with moisturizers is the best to use. A good tip here is to always use a foundation mixed with moisturizer and a sparkly eye shade. Choose a foundation with yellow or golden undertones also. These are the colors that can cut many years from your age.

Get Your Glow Back

With increasing age, our skin tends to lose its natural glow. We have a tired and a dull look. With foundation, you can create the illusion of thick skin, but how to bring back the glow on your skin? With some makeup tips, you can get a glowing beauty back.

So, for a glowing face, do not forget cheek makeup thinking that it is only for the young girls. Instead, always highlight your cheekbones with some pop of color. The blush in peach tone is just perfect to use when you are over 40. If you do not find peach blush being compatible to your skin, another tip is to go for the pink blush for looking fresh and young.

When we are over 40, we have drier skin. And for treating this problem, the simplest makeup tip is to switch to a cream blush. The use of powder blush will make your skin look drier and it will also make the fine lines and the wrinkles present on your skin more visible. So, go and get a gel or a cream blush and get back your youthful look.

Eye Makeup Younger Looking

As our age increase, our skin tends to lose its elasticity. A number of hormonal changes develop in us and the droopy eyes become more visible. So, the best makeup tip here for you is to wear false eyelashes always for giving a lifting effect to your droopy eyes. The false lashes will change the appearance of the whole of the eye area.

Also, get a concealer for hiding the dark circles and the fine lines around your eyes. You need to put more stress on eyeliner and mascara rather than eye shades. Create a hot looking by curling your lashes after applying two thick coats of mascara. Also, for creating an eye lift effect, brown eyeliner is a superb choice as compared to the black eyeliner.

Next we come the selection of right shades. When you are over 40, you must stay away from the too bright eye shades. Also, eye makeup in metallic and sparkly eye shades should be avoided. Go for the eye makeup in natural shades and look younger.

How To Makeup Eyebrows

Next we come to the eyebrow makeup. Without the right eyebrow makeup, you cannot get a finished look. Depending upon the shape of your face, you can go for shaping your brows in different shapes. And when you are crossing your 40s, you must go for the bold eyebrow shapes. Bold eyebrows instantly make us look many years younger.

Again, choose an eye pencil and fill in the empty spaces between the brows. Bold brows will cover much of your eye area and this way; you will be able to hide the fine lines in that delicate area of your skin. Full brows give you a more youthful look. You would not have to wear many layers of eye makeup with bold brows.

How To Do Lip Makeup

Next we come to the lip makeup. With increasing age, you need to switch your lip colors. Not all the lip colors suit the women of every age. For women of different age groups, there are the different shades of lipsticks that really work.

You all know that the dark color have a slimming effect. Similarly; the dark colors also make us look many years younger. So, the simple makeup tip for you is to go for the lipstick in dark colors. Also, prefer the glossy lips.

For preparing your lips, first exfoliate your lips and then apply the lip primer. First, apply a matte lipstick in any dark shade. After this, apply a glossy lip gloss and look young and fresh. In your 40s, you not only need to wear foundation on your face as you have been doing before. Rather, our lips need foundation too. So, for concealing the fine lips around your lip area, do prepare your lips with foundation and loose powder before the application of lipstick.

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