50 Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles To DIY

Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles
Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles

There always remains a trend of braided hairstyles. These hairstyles always remain trendy as these look really beautiful. Braided hairstyles are also the most versatile hairstyles. These beautiful hairstyles look beautiful on every occasion whether casual or formal. Braided hairstyles are also the most powerful hairstyles for women and make women look more alluring and more feminine too. Here, we have rounded up the best 50 Fabulous French braid hairstyles to DIY for women. Have a look at these enchanting hairstyles and do try one of these and look beautiful. You may also like : How to Promote Hair Growth Naturally

Simple French Braid

There are many variations of beautiful French braid hairstyles. For any causal event, a wonderful idea for you is to go for a simple French braid as simple French braid hairstyle is also full of beauty.

French Braid Bangs

Do you like the hairstyles with bangs? A fantastic idea for you if you are going for a French braid hairstyle is to try French braid bangs that look really glamorous. For medium length wavy hair, it is the hairstyle you must try.

Twisted French Braid

Next there comes the engaging twisted French braid hairstyle. Here you have many more choices. You may go for a twisted French braid bun. Another idea is to try a simple twisted French braid ponytail if you have long hair.

French Braid Half Up

Half up hairstyles also look stunning. And if you like hairstyles with open hair, the best hair styling idea for you is to try a French braid half up hairstyle. Especially, for the curly hair, it is just a flawless braided hairstyle.

French Braid Bun

Bun hairstyles are also the formal and the most versatile hairstyles. A bun hairstyle can also be styled in a number of ways. If you are going for a French braid hairstyle, just try the beauteous French braid bun.

Braided Side Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles are the most versatile and also the most appealing hairstyles for women of all ages. So, if you love ponytail hairstyles, an engaging hairstyling idea for you is to go for a braided side ponytail.

Braided Side Bun

Love the graceful bun hairstyles? Just like the side ponytail hairstyles, side bun hairstyles also look really appealing. And an artistic hairstyling idea for your medium length thin hair is to try a braided side bun.

French Braid Ponytail

Here is another ponytail hairstyle for you. A ponytail hairstyle can also be styled in numerous ways. Another arresting hair styling idea for long and sleek hair is to go for the French braid high ponytail hairstyle.

Boxer Braids

Do you like to style your hair in long braided hairstyles? A fabulous hairstyling idea for you is to go for the long boxer braids. For school going girls, it is just the right hairstyle to try.

French Braid Half Head

Love the hairstyles with braids covering your forehead. These hairstyles give teens a very alluring and innocent look. A good idea is to try a French braid half head hairstyle for an appealing beauty.

French Crown Braid

Here is another chic hairstyling idea for you and that is French braid crown. Crown hairstyles are loved by most of the women. And French crown braid hairstyle is just a flawless hairstyle for wedding events especially.

Half-Up Half Down French Braid

Half up and half down hairstyles are the most beautiful hairstyles no doubt. And when we come to braided hairstyles, half up half down hairstyle really catch the attention of every woman. The hairstyles make women look really sweet.

French Braid Pompadour

The easiest French braid hairstyle is French braid pompadour hairstyle. The hairstyle has a classic look, but it always remains in style as it gives women an entirely different look. This is the hairstyle for thick and black hair.

French Braid With Fringe

Hairstyles with a fringe are in fashion these days. French braid hairstyle with a fringe is indeed a rocking hairstyle for every one of you. The hairstyle will make you look like a doll. Braided fringe looks more polished and alluring too.

French Fishtail Braid Chignon

While talking about the beautiful women’s hairstyles, chignon hairstyles cannot be ignored. And if you love chignon hairstyles, a wonderful hairstyling idea for you is to try a highly fascinating French fishtail braid chignon hairstyle.

Double French Braid

This is the hairstyle that will make you look just gorgeous on any special event. The hairstyle is also more feminine and helps in enhancing the feminine facial features of the women. French braids along the hairline just look outstanding.

Mini French Braid

This is the hairstyle for teens. If you have short hair, do not worry. You can still try the alluring braided hairstyles. And an amazing braided hairstyle for short and thin hair is mini French braid hairstyle.

French Braid Chignon

If you like to go for the pure French braid hairstyles and love the classic look, a fantastic hairstyling idea for you is to try the French braid chignon hairstyle. This is also a perfect hairstyle for the brides especially.

Half-Up Side French Braid

Side braided hairstyles are the most captivating hairstyles. And the beauty of these side braided hairstyles can be enhanced greatly by combining half up hairstyle and a braided hairstyle. So, go and try half up side French braid and look fascinating.

Low Dutch Braid Bun

Low bun hairstyles are the hottest women’s hairstyles. If you have full of volume medium length hair, this is the braided hairstyle for you. Style the low braided bun hairstyle with loose curls on the front and look charming.

French Braid With Box Braids

This is really the cutest hairstyle for teens. The hairstyle is quite easy to style. You can get a well defined and also a sporty look in this hairstyle. French braid hairstyle with box braids will just make you look outstanding.

Goddess French Braid

This is the hairstyle for the brides especially. If you are going for a special event and want to have a gorgeous look, the best braided hairstyle for you is goddess French braid hairstyle.

Simple Dutch Braid

For the women looking for a simple and a casual look, the right hairstyle to try is the simple Dutch braid hairstyle. The hairstyle is a variation of simple French braided hairstyle. For summer days, it is a must try hairstyle.

Waterfall French Braid Messy Bun

Messy as well as the bun hairstyles always remain a favorite pick of every woman. You can still enjoy the hot messy look if you are going for a braided hairstyle. Try the waterfall French braid messy bun and get the look.

Twisted Dutch Braid

Just like the twisted French braid, another hairstyle to try is the twisted Dutch braid hairstyle. If you want to look comfortable and stylish, the hairstyle is just a matchless hairstyle for everyone of you.

Dutch Braid Headband

Hear accessories and especially a headband is getting more into fashion now. And if you do not like to wear a headband, a fabulous hair styling idea for you is to try a Dutch braid headband.

Dutch Side Mermaid Braid

A fabulous alternative to fascinating French side braid hairstyle is the Dutch side mermaid braid hairstyle. The hairstyle looks awesome on curly and wavy hair. And with bangs on the front, you will get a matchless look in this alluring hairstyle.

Dutch Braid Messy Bun

Looking for a hot hairstyle to get a hot and stylish look? A Dutch braid messy bun hairstyle will really make you look the hottest and engaging too. This is the hairstyle for long, curly and wavy hair.

Dutch Flower Bun

This is the hairstyle for long and thick hair. The hairstyle is just a fantastic choice for the brides especially. This is indeed the most beautiful hairstyle for every formal event. Do try this hairstyle on your wedding.

Dutch Braid Chignon

Just like the French braid chignon hairstyle; this is another hairstyle to try to get a classic look. The hairstyle looks just awesome in long and sleek hair with front bangs or a side fringe.

Double Waterfall French Braid

If you want to get a romantic look, this is just a perfect French braid hairstyle for you. The waterfall French braids along the hairline can also be styled in the form of a ponytail or a top messy bun.

Dutch Braid With Curls

This is the hairstyle for the ladies with short hair. Short hair can also be styled into braided hairstyles. If you do not like the braided bun, braided chignon or braided ponytail hairstyles, try the Dutch braid hairstyle with curls and enjoy a beautiful look.

Dutch Braid Ponytail

Do you love the braided as well as the ponytail hairstyle? An amazing hairstyle for you is Dutch braid ponytail. Here, you have a number of choices. You may go for a high as well as for a low ponytail Dutch braid hairstyle.

French Braid Waterfall With Curls

Want to get a wonderful and a memorable look? You can always look the most engaging in hairstyles with curls. For an attractive beauty, the hairstyle you must try is the French braid waterfall with loose curls.

Fishtail Mermaid Braid

Are you going to a beach side to have some fun? For such an occasion, the right hairstyle is the fishtail mermaid hairstyle. The style is somewhat difficult to style. Do practice a little before styling the appealing hairstyle.

Ribbon French Braid

Ribbon braided hairstyles are the new hairstyles that are getting more and more into fashion now. A ribbon French braid hairstyle with loose long curls is indeed an incredible braided hairstyle for an incredible beauty.

Low Dutch Braid

Just like the low bun and low ponytail hairstyle, another fabulous French braid hairstyle is the low Dutch braid hairstyle. Better is to try double low Dutch braid for a more beautiful look with enhanced femininity.

Braided Crown

For the women with short hair, the braided crown hairstyles are the matchless braided hairstyles. Indeed, women with short hair get a stunning look in braided crown hairstyles. Do wear hair jewelry and have some loose curls on the front.

Dutch Braid And French Braid

If you are staying at home and want to style your hair in a hairstyle that could give a casual and a polished look is the Dutch braid and French braid hairstyle. Do style the side French braids along the hairline and then style a Dutch braid.

Dutch-Braided Up-do

Just like the bun and ponytail hairstyles, up-do hairstyles are also the simplest and also the most gorgeous hairstyles for the women. If you have long hair and you want to get a romantic beauty, try Dutch-braided up-do.

Lace Braided Up-do

After the trend of lace dresses, there comes the fashion of lace braided up-do hairstyles. Side lace braided bun hairstyle or a lace braided ponytail hairstyle is a fabulous hairstyle you can try to look fabulous.

Chunky Fishtail Braid

Chunky jewelry items are really attractive and make women look hot. If you want to have a sexy look and have medium length curly hair, a new hair styling idea for you is to try a chunky fishtail side braid hairstyle.

Fishtail Braided Up-do

It is another stunning hairstyle for a stunning look. First style side French braids and then style the fishtail braid and twist the braids together in the form of an up-do and look stunning. The hairstyle will indeed make you look elegant.

Boho Lace Braid

Another elegant braided hairstyle for long and thick hair is boho lace braid hairstyle. You can style your hair in a number of ways, i.e. boho lace braid bun, boho lace braid ponytail or boho lace braid side chignon hairstyle.

From: stylecraze.com
From : stylecraze

Lace Braided Bun

This is not a simple hairstyle, but it looks highly polished and can make you look well groomed. Style a long side lace braid first and then style a high bun. Do wrap the braid over the bun and get the alluring hairstyle completed.

Horseshoe Braid

This is an easy hairstyle and can be styled in no time. For any evening occasion, the hairstyle is an amazing choice. Whether you have short hair or long hair, you can try the style to look different.

French Twist Ponytail

This is a perfect braided hairstyle for a perfect beauty. Part hair from the center and style the braids along the hairline. Twist the hair braids and style a ponytail. French twist messy ponytail hairstyle will make you look more alluring.

Waterfall Braid

If you want to have a gorgeous look, the hairstyle you can try is waterfall braid hairstyle. A gorgeous hairstyling idea for long curly hair is the half up and half down waterfall braid hairstyle.

Bohemian Side Braid

This is a gorgeous variation of French fishtail braid. This is really a wonderful French braid hairstyle. Bohemian side braid hairstyle is just a perfect hairstyle for long and sleek hair full of volume.

Fishtail Braid Bun: 50 Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles To DIY

This is another gorgeous French braid hairstyle perfect for any event. You may go for any hairstyle, i.e. fishtail braid low bun, fishtail braid top bun, and fishtail braid messy bun.